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LOOPLA® is able to process PLA from any origin (Natureworks, Hisun, Futerro...).

The lactic acid obtained by the LOOPLA® patented technology has the exact same properties than the original one and is suitable for the production of PLA.

A little chemistry

Lactic acid is a chiral molecule and has two optical isomers. One is known as L-(+)-lactic acid and the other, its mirror image, is D-(−)-lactic. L-(+)-Lactic acid is the biologically important isomer.
During the polymerization and the production of the original product, the treatments generate a racemization of the lactic acid:
- If PLA is made of L-(+)-Lactic acid, only a small quantity of D-(−)-lactic will remain in the final product. Then, lactic acid coming from the LOOPLA technology contains a low amount of D-(−)-lactic but the production of PLA is feasible.
The research and development team is developing on a solution for separation of the forms of lactic acid in order to provide a high pure lactic acid.


Galactic has acquired a deep knowledge of the PLA market with its involvement into Futerro, a joint-venture created between Total Petrochemicals and Galactic. The project entails the construction of a demonstration plant able to produce 1,500 tons of PLA per year using a clean, innovative and competitive technology, developed by both partners.
Based in Escanaffles, the plant is scheduled to come on stream in 2009.