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Lactic acid is a natural product obtained by the fermentation of sugar and used for the production of PLA.
The green patented LOOPLA® technology is a chemical recycling process that goes back from PLA to lactic acid by depolymerisation through hydrolysis.
The obtained lactic acid will be the starting ingredient to produce a new PLA with the exact same properties.
The LOOPLA® process does not need harmful chemicals and is optimized to lower CO2 foot-print.

There is no good way, no bad way, but there is a right way

According to the origin of PLA, the process will be adjusted: the treatment is not the same if the stream is clean or dirty, pure or contaminated.
The contamination can arise from a problem of sorting or when the product is made by different materials.
In case of contamination, the process can be easily adjusted in order to remove the contaminant(s) with no consequence on the quality of the final lactic acid.


At the end of the cycle, the obtained lactic acid by depolymerisation will be purified according to the targeted applications:
    - Industrial applications: from detergent to green solvent

    - Polymer production: at the moment, the production of PLA is an option but the quality of the resin has to be improved.

The research and development team is working on this improvement in order to reach a high L polymer grade lactic acid.